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2343 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02746-1540
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About CARQUEST in New Bedford:

CARQUEST Auto Parts supplies their customers in New Bedford with replacement products, accessories, supplies and equipment for virtually all makes of automobiles, as well as light and heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment, buses, recreational vehicles and agricultural equipment. Additionally, CARQUEST Auto Parts distributes and sell tools, equipment, chemicals, paint and accessories from their store in New Bedford.

Beyond the quality and depth of the product lines, CARQUEST leverages innovative technologies and innovative service solutions to provide a range of unmatched, value-added benefits. Designed to provide their New Bedford customers and partners alike with distinct competitive advantages, these services include everything from world-class technical training in the latest repair and maintenance techniques to Internet-based solutions that make CARQUEST easier to do business with.

As vehicle design and engineering continues to evolve, CARQUEST is committed to helping professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts in New Bedford stay on top of the latest trends, components, techniques, skills and tools. From today’s sophisticated steering and suspension systems to drive train systems, engine and mechanical systems, brake systems, emissions control, temperature control and electrical systems, CARQUEST is the leader in supporting the success of today’s automotive professional.